Sheela na gig with Split Fish Tail

Terra Cotta, Paint
17 H x 12" W x 2 D

About the Piece

This figure, a Sheela na gig, draws her inspiration from her Irish counterparts of the same name.  Sheela na gigs, found in early Irish churches, were thought by some to invite the worshiper to run their finger in the concave yoni groove, thereby touching the sacred divine. The mythological split-tail mermaid, handed down in modern forms like the Starbucks logo, is also a Sheela na gigs in that her two leg-like tails are parted to reveal her yoni.  Other symbols sgraffitoed into this piece are: the yoni as an all seeing eye; the serpent-like hair that speaks to wisdom and consciousness; and the yoni coupled with the sacred triangle.


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