Gallery Three
"the shape we call a probably a residual female genital symbol."
--Gloria Steinham

Sacred Heart
Yoni Heart
Almond Heart
Woman Heart
Hands Heart
Listening Heart
Celtic Heart
Cupped Heart
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Gloria Steinham wonders in her foreword to The Vagina Monologues (1998, p.xiv): “the shape we call a heart—whose symmetry resembles the vulva far more than the asymmetry of the organ that shares its name—is probably a residual female genital symbol…watching little girls drawing hearts in their notebooks, even dotting their i’s with hearts, I wondered: Were they magnetized by this primordial shape because it was so like their own bodies?” 

Ms. Steinham’s eloquent words inspired me to make eight small handheld sculptures. These hearts are a combination of the heart shape and the female form.  I used the invaluable book Femalia, edited by Joani Blank, as a model for many of these pieces. 


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