Virgin, Mother, Crone, Womb/Tomb

Terracotta, Paint
11" H x 2" D

About the Piece

This piece explores the virgin, mother, crone progression in a woman's life and is based on the X-ray art of the Aboriginal Australians.  Traditional symbolic colors are used; white for the virgin, red for the mother, and black for the crone. Unlike the Virgin, Mother, Crone with Shared Yoni piece which shows a progression of age, the three women in Virgin, Mother, Crone, Womb/Tomb are all the same age.  By keeping the ages of the women the same, the losses that we experience on a daily and hourly basis are explored.  

This piece also investigates the idea that with every birth there is a death and with every death there is a birth.  For example, when one set of choices is decided upon, another set must be let go of.  

Virgin, Mother, Crone, Womb/Tomb also references the duel function of the uterus as womb and tomb. The women can be birthing each other, or welcoming each other back into the final resting place, or both. This piece is also about cycles and how phases of our lives segue into each other. Other concepts this piece evokes are evolution, interrelatedness, dependence on one another, receiving from the previous generation and passing onto the next. Finally, the piece's triangular center and perimeter alludes to the pubic triangle, a symbol of woman.


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