Terra Cotta, Acrylic, Hardware, Wood
19” H x 29” W x 1” D

About the Piece

What if women's accomplishments had received equal validation throughout history, instead of being subordinated to men's endeavors?  With the American flag we celebrate our country; Flag celebrates a country responsive to women and is a direct comment on the works of Jasper Johns, whose work sold for as much as seventeen million dollars. If Jasper Johns had been a woman, I doubt the selling price would have been as high.   I have responded to John's work and ask, "Would we still value the piece if it were made by a person, who values women?" Flag also reintroduces the word cunt,  reclaiming it as a legitimate word*.

*Cunt is a derivative of the Oriental Great Goddess as Cunti, or Kunda, the Yoni of the Uni-verse.  From the same root came county, kin and kind...Related forms were Latin cunnus, Middle English cunte, Old Norse and Frisian kunta, Basque cuna.  Other cognates are "cunabula," a cradle, or earliest abode: "Cunina," a Roman Goddess who protected children in the cradle; "cunctipotent," all-powerful (i.e., having cunt-magic): "cunicle," a hole or passage; "cuniculate," penetrated by a passage: "cundy,," a coverted culvert: also cunning, kenning, and ken: knowledge, learning, insight, remembrance, wisdom.  Cunt is "not slang, dialect or any marginal form, but a true language word, and of the oldest stock."(Walker, 197)."

Walker, Barbara G. (1983), The Woman’s Encyclopedia of Myths and Secrets, New York: HarperCollins.

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