Self Portrait with Wolf:

Terra Cotta
15” H x 7” W x 7" D

About the Piece

In October 2011 I had a dream I was with a group of people and wild animals; we were walking and running through hills in a wild far off land. The people in the group ran ahead of me and I couldn’t catch up to them. I was afraid to be with the wild animals; I had a whistle on my neck and I was blowing it to call for help, but it wasn’t loud enough. As I was running, one of the dark wolves came up behind me, and I stopped running to face it. I wasn’t too afraid, and regardless, I knew I couldn’t outrun it. The wolf then pulled back the fur around its head to reveal the face of a young man. He was upset and said that he would never be acknowledged or valued. My heart went out to him and I said “Yes, you are right you will never be valued by this culture”. I knew that our society values the civilized, and not the wild-free-primitive. Then, I took the wolf in my arms and we embraced in a deep kiss and I was crying with the relief of our understanding and the pain I felt for him.

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