Yoni Heart

Terra Cotta, Milk, Paint, Pigment
approximately 3” W


This hand held piece unifies yoni and heart forms. Signed replicas of Yoni Heart are available in a variety of colors.

In 2002 I went to the Benedum Center to see the V-Day Monologues.  Lynn Cullen, a local radio personality, and two other actresses did a beautiful job interpreting Eve Ensler’s play.  The house was full, a weekend matinee with the pencil skirt and pearls crowd ranging from 20’s through 70’s, but mostly reflective of Pittsburgh’s older demographics.  Nowhere to be seen were the jeans, dyed hair, and piercings that attended the CMU production of Ensler’s work in 2001.

At one point in the play the three actresses on stage lead the 2900 seated participants in chanting the word “cunt, cunt, cunt…” over and over again.

Quite suddenly, I was transported to a futuristic feminist alternative world as I watched the carefully lipsticked mouths of the woman next to me with the blue hair rinse and her white haired companion chant: “cunt, cunt, cunt”…the mother with her daughter home from college who would be going shopping at Talbot’s after the show, adding to the growing din: “cunt, cunt, cunt”.

I became giddy with the surrealistic incongruity of it all, giddy with joy to see what looked like polite ladies with their nylons, and heels, and manners, for a brief moment, stepping into the swirling raging mob of women who have shouted for justice, worked tirelessly for equality, and died for their humanity and the dignity of their daughters.

I can still see them, I can still hear them, “cunt, cunt, cunt, cunt, cunt,…”


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